ISSN: 2949-401X

Andryushkin A. Yu., Butsikin E. B., Li ZhenNing.

Abstract: The urgent problem of ensuring acceptable manufacturability of a lightweight part can be solved by choosing a rational method for obtaining and machining the workpiece. When designing aerospace items, topological optimization is used to minimize the weight of parts, which lightens the original part by removing volumes of material from its lightly loaded areas without noticeable loss of strength and rigidity. After topological optimization, the part has a complex shape, which significantly reduces its manufacturability. Traditional and alternative technological approaches to the production of topologically optimized light-weight parts are proposed. The traditional approach is implemented through the extensive machining of a complex-shaped casting. An alternative approach applies minimum amount of machining of the workpiece obtained by selective laser melting in an additive installation. Minimized part weight is provided by an alter-native approach that is costeffective for one-off and small-scale production.

Keywords: topological optimization, part manufacturability, weight efficiency, selective laser melting, casting, machining

For citation: Andryushkin A. Yu., Butsikin E. B., Li ZhenNing. Technological approaches in the design of topologically optimized parts. Aerospace Engineering and Techno¬logy. 2023. Vol. 1, no. 3, pp. 103–114. EDN GBJXWS