ISSN: 2949-401X

Nilov A. S., Galinskaya O. O., Krasnov V. I.

Abstract: The paper analyzes the experience of practical use of additive technology methods for obtaining fibrous-reinforced (dispersed carbon and ceramic fibers, whiskers) ceramic matrix composite materials (CMC). The main methods for obtaining such CMC based on additive technologies are considered, their main features, advantages and disadvantages are analyzed, ways of improving the methods for obtaining products from CMC within the framework of these technologies are shown. It is noted that these 3D technologies can be used to obtain various types of machine-building products from fiber-reinforced CMC, operating under high mechanical and thermal loads, exposed to aggressive and radiation media, abrasive wear.

Keywords: ceramic matrix composites, additive technologies, reinforcing fibers, ceramic whiskers, PIP technology, LSI technology, CVI technology

For citation: Nilov A. S., Galinskaya O. O., Krasnov V. I. Application of additive technologies to obtain products from fiber-reinforced ceramic matrix composite materials. Aerospace Engineering and Technology. 2023. Vol. 1, no. 3, pp. 115–144. EDN EZXOMV