ISSN: 2949-401X

Zakharova A. O., Khrapko N. N., Patrusheva T. N., Petrov S. K.

Abstract. The problem of creating antimicrobial protection methods in rocket and space technology requires new approaches, in particular, the development of antibacterial coatings to protect the payload of launch vehicles. Also, in outer space outside the Earth’s atmosphere, ultraviolet radiation with a wavelength of less than 280 nm (hard and vacuum ultraviolet) accelerates degradation of materials. It is relevant to create protective coatings for various materials used in space. An innovative extraction-pyrolytic method for producing oxide films containing copper, titanium and titanium oxide nanoparticles is considered. As a result, the compositions of effective antibacterial coatings with the function of protection against UV radiation have been established. The intended service and design features of the part on which the coating is applied are considered, and a flow diagram for applying an antibacterial coating to protect the internal volume of the fairing from bacteria circulating in the head of the launch vehicle is proposed. The possibilities of protection against UV radiation by applying oxide films to the outer surface of devices and rocket parts have been studied.

Keywords: Rocket and space technology, antibacterial coatings, protection against UV radiation, extraction-pyrolytic method, payload protection

For citation: ZakharovaA. O., KhrapkoN. N., PatrushevaT. N., Petrov S. Аpplication of oxide coatings produced by extraction-pyrolytic method in space engineering. Aerospace Engineering and Technology. 2024. Vol. 2, no. 1, pp. 128–144. DOI 10.52467/2949-401X-2024-2-1-128-144. EDN PAWWIO (In Russian)