ISSN: 2949-401X

Ryabinin A. N., Danilov A. V.

Abstract. The rotational oscillations of a square prism mounted on a spring suspension in the test section of a low-speed wind tunnel are studied. The ratio of the length of the prism to the transverse size is 2.6. The prism can oscillate around the axis passing through the center of the prism and perpendicular to the velocity vector of the incoming flow and the longitudinal axis of the prism. The longitudinal axis of the prism in an equilibrium position is directed along the velocity vector of the incoming flow, or forms a small angle with it. An accelerometer GY-521 based on the MPU 6050 chip is used to register oscillations, it is connected to the Piranha UNO patronymic controller, which is an analog of the widespread Arduino UNO controller. In the absence of a flow, the rotational oscillations of the prism are damped. If the flow velocity is greater than a certain value, oscillations with a constant amplitude occur. The amplitude rises with an increase in the velocity of the incoming flow. The mathematical model proposed earlier to describe the rotational vibrations of the cylinder works satisfactorily to describe the oscillations of the prism.

Keywords: rotational oscillations, wind tunnel, prism, accelerometer, controller

For citation: Ryabinin A. N., Danilov A. V. Study of prism oscillations in the air flow using an accelerometer and an Arduino controller. Aerospace Engineering and Technology. 2024. Vol. 2, no. 1, pp. 29–39. DOI 10.52467/2949-401X-2024-2-1-29-39. EDN ZXGIOZ (In Russian)