ISSN: 2949-401X

Guskov A. V., Potanina E. Yu.

Abstract. A cylindrical shaped charge is a hollow cylindrical shell surrounded by an explosive substance. The process of jet formation in cylindrical cumulation is difficult to achieve, but it is of interest to researchers due to its features: the high velocity of the cumulative jet and the low gradient of the jet velocities along the length relative to the classical cumulation. To achieve a stable jet formation process, a two-stage cylindrical charge device is proposed in the work. The principle of its operation is based on the creation of a recompressed detonation mode in an internal explosive charge. Thus, the velocity of the inner shell throwing towards the axis will increase, which will lead to an increase in the angle of collapse of the shell and an improvement in jet formation. The paper presents a mathematical model of the functioning of such a device and considers several variants of such shaped charges. From a mathematical point of view, the possibility of functioning of such a device in the mode of recompressed detonation is proved.

Keywords: cylindrical cumulation, recompressed detonation, throwing shells towards the axis, compression of shells

For citation: Potanina E. Yu., Guskov A. V. Features of throwing the shell of a cylindrical shaped charge towards the axis. Aerospace Engineering and Technology. 2024. Vol. 2, no. 1, pp. 15–28. DOI 10.52467/2949-401X-2024-2-1-15-28. EDN UQQLMO (In Russian)