ISSN: 2949-401X

Zakhmatov V. D.

Abstract. It is proposed to qualitatively strengthen the automatic system of thermal protection and fire extinguishing of the launch equipment of mobile launch facilities, land-based and offshore stationary complexes. It is proposed to additionally equip the existing fire protection systems with multi-barrel modules (MM) of salvo spraying of water and special cooling gels, for example, of the Pyrocool type. The expediency of a system of several MM spaced around the launch pad opposite the most dangerous areas is justified so that a simultaneous volley creates a shock-wave squall of fine-dispersed water with a compacted front covering almost simultaneously (within 1-2 s) the entire range of launch structures and the area of possible emergency refills of liquid rocket fuel from distances from 50 to 200 m. Such a large range of effective extinguishing and heat and light protection distances will allow you to arrange the modules so as not to change the arrangement of the launch equipment, not to clutter the access roads and provide wave interaction of the created squalls for effective thermal protection of the launch structures from the powerful flame forces of the launch rocket engines. Each salvo of the module system creates an effectively interacting system of squalls that quickly shoot down the flame and intensively cool the volume of space around the launch structures and their complex surface. A series of volleys with flexibly adjustable intervals creates the most effective combined extinguishing and light and heat protection by surface and volumetric intensive cooling by a continuum of rapidly moving and evaporating microdrops. Intensive large-scale volumetric-surface cooling will extend the life of the launch structures and equipment, reduce the cost of pre-launch preparation, increases the number of starts without replacing equipment. The high degree of readiness for the implementation of the executive subsystem of the modules is shown on the polygon demonstration of the work of three MM, placed in a semicircle around the target and concentrated on the windward side a series of volleys on a local powerful fire of a stack of wood and tires.

Keywords: executive subsystem, multi-barrel module, automated fire extinguishing system, launch equipment, launch pad, access roads, light and heat protection, demonstration tests

For citation: Zakhmatov V. D. Application of a large liquid supply system for cooling launch complex equipment and extinguishing burning fuel. Aerospace Engineering and Technology. 2023. Vol. 1, no. 4, pp. 116–133. EDN HJPOXW