ISSN: 2949-401X

Andryushkin A. Yu., Vedernikov A. Yu., Khmelevskoy N. Yu.

Abstract. The durability of metal structures of airplanes and helicopters is increased by their anti-corrosion protection due to the multilayer spraying of paint coatings. Pneumatic sprayers with external mixing of paint material and air are used for spraying paint coatings. The thickness difference of paint coatings is the cause of the occurrence and development of defects and significant internal (residual) stresses. The change in the thickness of the paint coating is due to the low viscosity of the sprayed paint material, the complex geometry of the aircraft external surfaces, and the significant non-perpendicular axis of the spray jet to the painted surface. Experiments have established the dependence of the paint coating thickness on the angle between the axis of the spray jet and the painted surface. Technological recommendations for reducing the thickness of paint coatings are given.

Keywords: anti-corrosion protection of the aircraft, paint coating, paint material, pneumatic spraying, coating thickness, coating defect

For citation: Andryushkin A. Yu., Vedernikov A. Yu., Khmelevskoj N. Yu. Technological features of painting the external surfaces of airplanes and helicopters. Aerospace Engineering and Technology. 2023. Vol. 1, no. 4, pp. 103–115. EDN HQUJIL