ISSN: 2949-401X

Еvsееv D. Yu., Оvchinnikovа О. К.

Abstract: Development of power engineering leads to increasing popularity of renewable energy sources among which wind energy is one of the most preferable. The proliferation of wind energy requires continuous improvement of approaches to design of wind wheels and, consequently, to modelling of their aerodynamic characteristics. Wind turbine blades are a structure formed by fixing aerodynamic profiles at various angles of attack on a curved base. The efficiency of a wind turbine directly depends on the shape of the blade and the airfoils used in its design. Therefore, the task of investigation of aerodynamic characteristics of single profiles in order to find an optimum angle of attack for fixing them on the airfoil and numerical simulation of blades flowing by unsteady air flows with variable velocity is relevant. The numerical solution for aerodynamic profiles and blades of the wind wheel flowing by the air flow with the variable velocity is presented in this article. The obtained results are presented as the fields of gasdynamic parameters and flow lines and give the insight into the nature of the air flow in the vicinity of the wind rotor blades.

Keywords: wind turbine, aerodynamic profile, wind wheel, wind blade, aerodynamics.

For citation: Еvsееv D. Yu., Оvchinnikovа О. К. Numerical modelling of aerodynamic profile and wind wheel blade flowing. Aerospace Engineering and Technology. 2023. Vol. 1. No. 1, pp. 117–130.