ISSN: 2949-401X

VOL. 2, NO, 2, 2024

Jun 28, 2024
Synthesis of flat mechanisms with single degree of freedom for foldable structures

Kuzmin A. O., Stazhkov S. M., Elchinsky V. S., Vorotyntsev B. N.

In modern design of robotic systems, one of the promising areas is the creation of mechanisms for foldable structures. Such mechanisms can be used for antennas, whose area in operation mode must exceed the area in transport mode, as well as for mobile reconfigurable robots. In the modern theory of mechanisms, there are a sufficient number of synthesis theories aimed at solving applied problems, but such techniques are not aimed at creating foldable structures. A technique for synthesizing flat mechanisms with single degree of freedom using articulated polygons is proposed. The main points of the methodology and possible ways of its implementation are presented.

Nilov A. S., Galinskaya O. O., Krasnov V. I.

The article analyzes practical experience in creating three-layer structures from composite materials with various types of space fillers. The main technological methods for producing such structures from composite materials are considered, their main features, advantages and drawbacks are analyzed, and ways to improve methods for producing this kind of products from composite materials within the framework of these technologies are shown. It is noted that these technologies can be used to produce various kinds of engineering products with high mass efficiency from fiber-reinforced composite materials operating under conditions of high mechanical and thermal loads.

Petrov Yu. V., Vasilieva V.A.

A system of high-precision trajectory measurements has been developed for field testing of fired jamming projectiles, a number of ground-based bench experiments have been performed, a mathematical model of projectile motion has been described, and the system has been studied using mathematical modeling in order to obtain a high-precision solution to the positioning problem in post-processing mode using code and phase measurements of a satellite signal receiver.

Poluektov R. M.

The analysis of prospects of using blockchain technology in the operation of the space and aviation industry enterprises was conducted. The potential of blockchain platforms for contract management, financial transactions, risks, strategic management decisions, as well as quality control of articles produced by industrial enterprises is considered. Examples of successful integration of this technology into the activities of large companies in Russia have been given, as well as the main obstacles before the wide introduction of blockchain have been identified.

Asadov H. H., Alieva A. J., Ashrafov M. H.

A method for calculating the broadband albedo of the Earth’s surface is proposed, which is used on the basis of two narrowband albedos calculated using signals from two AVHRR channels. It has been established that the Liang formula used to calculate the broadband albedo does not allow for the presence of an arbitrary functional relationship between the specified narrowband albedos. It is shown that the average integral value of the broadband albedo reaches a maximum value, i.e., unity, provided that one narrowband albedo is equal to unity, and the other is equal to 1.48. To eliminate this drawback, it is proposed to impose some restrictive condition on the specified relationship in the integral expression. The threshold value at which the known formula turns out to be correct is determined.

Baranov I. Ya., Koptev A. V., Pelina A. V.

A fundamental possibility has been proposed to increase the efficiency of an actively mode-lockеd 4.8 μm single-line CO laser to 70 %, with convectively cooled CO mixture. In this case, to excite CO molecules, it is possible to use a self-sustained high-frequency discharge in a supersonic flow of a CO mixture and obtain a continuous train of nanosecond spike. The high peak intensity of the pulses makes it possible to effectively change the 4.8 mcm wavelength in a nonlinear crystal at a relatively low power of an actively mode-locked CO laser. The value of spike can be low when initiating non-linear processes, processing materials with a limited heat affected zone, isotope separation, remote sensing of the surface in space and the atmosphere on Earth.

Martynov V. L., Ksenofontov Yu. G., Afanasieva V. E., Kaydash D. V.

The article describes a method of environmental monitoring of the sea waters of the Black sea using modern digital measuring systems and technical means of controlling underwater robotics. The option of using aerospace technology capable of transmitting control signals from aircraft to manned underwater vessels of the Mir type or to submarines is being considered. The implementation of the proposed model using laser technologies will allow the crew not only to broadcast information in the form of instructions, but also to transmit video data. The Black sea area was not chosen by chance, but taking into account its scientific importance. The authors consider the variation in aquatic masses’ transparency to be the main indicator of the change in their ecology. Currently, the method used to measure the transparency of the water medium is based on observing a standard white disc Secchi, which is lowered into the water medium from the deck of a surface vessel. An expert group of 4 to 5 people observes the moment of its disappearance standing on the deck of the ship, and determines the range of observation of the disk in the water by the length of the lowered rope. The desired range is designated as Zb. The used method of transparency measurement has significant drawbacks, including the ability to determine the transparency of water only in the near-surface layer, dependence on weather conditions, as well as low accuracy of measuring the value of Zb. To overcome these drawbacks, the authors have proposed another method of measuring the transparency of an aqueous medium based on the use of laser technologies.

Aliyeva G. V., Huseynov O. A.

The issues of flight planning of an unmanned air reconnaissance vehicle in accelerated motion mode are considered, considering the minimal distortion of generated images. The problem of optimal functional relationship between shutter and flight speed values has been solved. Minimization of the total image blur in the specified mode is achieved by appropriately selecting the functional relationship between the flight and shutter speeds when imposing a certain restrictive condition on the total value of the shutter speeds during accelerated flight with increasing speed.

Andryushkin A. Yu., Bulygin V. V., Gubanov D. M.

The weight efficiency of aircraft structures is ensured by the use of three-layer composite panels due to their high specific strength and specific stiffness. The design parameters and characteristics of a hexagonal-cell honeycomb filler are considered. A method is proposed for selecting design parameters (the height of the hexagonal-cell filler and the thickness of the bearing sheaths) that ensure a minimum specific gravity during transverse bending of a three-layer composite panel. According to the proposed method, the calculation of the height of the hexagonal-cell filler and the thickness of the bearing sheaths during transverse bending of a three-layer composite panel is presented.

Ustinov A. N., Babuk V. A., Atamasov V. D., Kudinov A. A.

A theoretical calculation of the effectiveness of using artificial plasma formation for the disposal of space debris in the dense layers of the Earth’s atmosphere has been carried out. An artificial plasma formation surrounds space debris and increases its midsection, which increases the aerodynamic impact of the Earth’s atmospheric traces. The artificial plasma formation is provided by a generator of finely dispersed formation, which is installed either on a service spacecraft or on a new spacecraft with self-disposal functions at the end of its life cycle. Ionization of artificial plasma formation is ensured by cosmic radiation and radioactive particles that are part of the generator of finely dispersed formation.