ISSN: 2949-401X

Chernyshov M. V., Savelova K. E.

Abstract. In this paper, a comparative analysis of methods for approximate analytical study of the parameters of the shock-wave structure (in particular, determining the height of the main, or Mach, shock) arising in planar steady supersonic gas flows (for example, in a supersonic jet flow or in a narrowing channel between two wedges) with irregular reflection of the oblique shocks is obtained. A new analytical model is proposed, which is based on the previously achieved solutions of some problems of the interaction of gasodynamic discontinuities, expansion and compression waves with each other and with various surfaces. By comparing with known numerical and experimental data, it is shown that the proposed model for the rapid estimation of shock-wave structure parameters is more accurate than the previous ones.

Keywords: supersonic flow, Mach reflection, shock-wave structure, interaction of gasodynamic discontinuities

For citation: Chernyshov M. V., Savelova K. E. Approximate analytical model of shock-wave structure of supersonic flow with Mach reflection of oblique shocks. Aerospace Engineering and Technology. 2023. Vol. 1, no. 4, pp. 42–66. EDN KUCSDC