ISSN: 2949-401X

Bulat M. P., Kirshina A. A., Kirshin A. Yu., Nikitenko A. B.

Abstract: Studies have been carried out on the ultimate bearing capacity and service life of a gas-dynamic bearing for use in a gas turbine engine of an aircraft maneuvering with overloads up to 10g. The design of the bearing uses retaining vanes that form a damping layer, which allows it to be used at high overloads without the threat of oscillatory conditions. Retaining vanes distinguish the studied gas bearing design from the classic first generation vane bearing. The experimental setup and test procedure are described. The ultimate bearing capacity is determined taking into account the overload. The process of grinding in the antifriction coating of the bearing vanes, the nature and effect of wear on the characteristics of the bearing capacity are studied. The result showed that in the selected dimension, the gas dynamic radial bearing has a bearing capacity sufficient for use in a gas turbine engine. The equivalent flight hour-based service life of the bearing unit is determined.

Keywords: antifriction coating, gas-dynamic bearing, vane gas bearing, bearing capacity, radial bearing, service life.

For citation: Bulat M. P., Kirshina A. A., Kirshin A. Yu., Nikitenko A. B. Research tests of a radial vane bearing with a damping layer designed for use on a maneuverable aircraft. Aerospace Engineering and Technology. 2023. Vol. 1. No. 2, pp. 130–144.