ISSN: 2949-401X

Meshkov S. A., Bogachev M. A.

Abstract: Signal processing algorithms are necessary for the correct recovery of information in the carrier message. The question of the relevance of existing methods arises. Digitalization and the use of innovative technologies make it possible to create fundamentally new highly efficient processing algorithms. The paper proposes an algorithm that proceeds as a digital automatic gain control device that is capable of processing discrete signals of arbitrary duration. The resulting algorithm is characterized by high speed and low value of incidental amplitude modulation after processing.

Keywords: algorithm, digital processing, AGC, computer simulation, automatic tracking systems.

For citation: Meshkov S. A., Bogachev M. A. Development of an automatic gain control algorithm for processing real digital signals. Aerospace Engineering and Technology. 2023. Vol. 1. No. 2, pp. 108–117.