ISSN: 2949-401X

Мusteikis А. I., Kolosenok S. V., Kolosenok А. S.

Abstract: The article considers the problem of diagnostics of liquid-propellant rocket engines of low thrust developed in higher educational institutions within the framework of scientific research in the field of prospective commercial cosmonautics. The requirement for new methods of advanced diagnostics of prototypes being manufactured is revealed, as calculation of small thrust nozzle heads yields the results with lower accuracy than expected. A Literature Review on Optical Diagnostics of Flames and Launches of Liquid Rocket Engines has been conducted. Preliminary tests of low thrust (70 N) liquid rocket engines have been carried out. The radiation of combustion products was recorded by a video camera in the spectral region corresponding to the molecular bands of oxides of destructible structural materials. The structure of images of hydrogen afterburning flames in the flooded region and elements of supersonic jets were analyzed. Options for automatic processing of video frames using algorithm libraries for the Python programming language were considered. The proposed toolkit is suitable for research testing of low thrust liquid propulsion rocket engines.

Keywords: liquid rocket engine, research tests, structural failure, combustion products, multispectral diagnostics.

For citation: Мusteikis А. I., Kolosenok S. V., Kolosenok А. S. The development of software and hardware system for optical detection of pre-emergency phenomena during research tests of hydrogen-oxygen liquid rocket engines of low thrust constructed by additive manufacturing method. Aerospace Engineering and Technology. 2023. Vol. 1. No. 1, pp. 149–159.